Ipswich Council

Large scale IP CCTV solution for Ipswich City Council

Cware upgrade improves video quality and simplifies operator management to help protect Ipswich City

Centrally situated in the southeast region of Queensland Australia, Ipswich City comprises an area of 1090 square kilometres and has a population of 150,000 people. Ipswich Council pioneered public surveillance in Australia with a city wide analogue CCTV solution that in its day gave law enforcement agencies unprecedented coverage of public spaces. In 2004 the council turned to IP CCTV specialists Controlware and their installation partners in order to take advantage of IP technology that improved flexibility and reduced costs. Since then the council has installed Controlware’s advanced Cware management platform to improve 24x7x365 surveillance operations and video quality through support for new technologies such as H.264.

The upgraded surveillance soluion includes cameras, IP codec’s and networked recording that is managed by the powerful Cware management platform. CCTV operators monitor real-time video and search archive recordings from 185 cameras that cover businesses, public parks, transportation links and residential areas 24 hours per day. The cameras monitor six separate suburban districts spread across 15 square kilometres. In each district there is a hub site that brings video back to the control room over microwave, multimode or single mode fiber connections. The state-of-the-art layer 3 network is based on Allied Tellesis switches that have recently been certified for use with the Cware management platform.

Ipswich Council’s Security Advisor Stacey Kirmos says that “Cware enables us to use new compression methods such as H.264 that provide higher video quality for easier identification of suspects. Cware also makes surveillance easier for operators and delivers some key advantages for us including the opportunity to integrate CCTV, Video Analytics and Access Control systems together in one platform. Since Cware is an open platform we are future proofed for integration with external systems as well support for cameras and codecs from different manufacturers. This was something our previous closed management software couldnt do.“

The continued investment in advanced IP CCTV technology by Ipswich City Council illustrates their commitment to help reduce crime and the fear of crime, creating a safer living environment for all.

The powerful IP CCTV solution based on the Cware management platform improves operational performance and flexibility while saving costs. From a management perspective the new system is much simpler for operators to use. Support for higher quality video compression methods are assured and future integration with third party Video Analytics platforms and externals systems such as Access Control, Building management, Fire and Intruder systems is now possible.

According to Kirmos, the installation of the new Cware management software was straightforward. “Selecting Cware was very much about performance. In Cware we have a flexible platform that can evolve with our network to meet the challenges of the future head on.”

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