Oldham College

The new IP CCTV system is more flexible, cost-effective and provides improved image quality

The Oldham College is in the process of producing a re-build strategy that will see 70% of the college’s current infrastructure being rebuilt to create a new state-of-the-art campus by 2013. During this building work there is a requirement to protect the campus and building materials, continue to protect staff and students and provide future proofing for the final campus while the campus is in a constant state of development.

The IT and Estates teams at Oldham quickly saw that an analogue solution would be too rigid, expensive and wasteful as the cameras would need to be moved frequently as the site evolves. So they looked at IP solutions because of the ability to quickly redeploy cameras on to existing network infrastructure and after viewing the advanced IP CCTV solution at Warrington Collegiate and were left with no doubts about developing their system around Controlware’s Cware management platform.

Working with partners ntl:Telewest Business the new solution at the college provides increased security for students, teachers and staff by monitoring college grounds. The college’s 3 separate analogue CCTV systems were replaced with a digital solution that built around the Cware management platform. The solution is future proofed to provide support for rapid growth as building work progresses at the 20 acre site that will support the educational needs of 7000 full and part time student’s.

Bob Leigh, Estates Manager for The Oldham College, who manages the security team, is extremely pleased with the improved quality and usability of the new solution. “Cware’s management interface is great and much easier to use than our old system, best of all the image quality is superb allowing security staff to really see what they are looking at, which we didn’t have before. Everyone who has seen the new solution says how impressed they are”.

From day one Cware was so easy to use that staff taught themselves how to use the system in hours and this has made the team more confident in managing security incidents. Reviewing archive video recordings and exporting video to DVD has also become much easier. Specific footage is easy to find and video export takes a few mouse clicks instead of a lengthy process that required the help of a network specialist in the past.

Costs savings have also been made. Jon Evans, IT Services Manager at the college explains that “Since IP CCTV is so flexible we don’t need to call in an external contractor to move cameras like we did before. The ICT department can move a camera in 10 minutes when it would have taken an external contractor the best part of a day and cost the college £500. This also enables us to be proactive about security by moving cameras to hotspots in order to make the most of our resources”

The new surveillance solution is also primed to support future expansion as building work progresses and new technologies such as Megapixel, H.264 and Intelligent Video Analytics become available. Through integration with access control, building management, fire and intruder systems the basis of a unified security environment for the college is assured.


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