Secure Government Complex

Secure Government complex benefits from the latest security technology and features

The solution is managed by Controlware’s Cware Open Protocol Management Platform that is easy to use, innovative and integrates external security applications together  providing a unified approach for security operations. Cware delivers considerable benefits to the users of this highly secure government complex that is spread across 16 separate locations and includes two central control rooms. Cware was selected by our partner and the government customer because it was the only management platform that could provide market leading features, flexible management and control, proactive alarm management, solution resilience and future proofing.

Market leading Features
Cware boasts innovative management and control features that improve operator visibility and response. Highly flexible and cost-effective architecture enables Cware to easily manage single or multiple locations and all sizes of installation, supporting thousands of cameras.

Image Content Navigation (ICN) is a tool designed especially to make operator navigation faster and easier when tracking targets. An invisible mesh of hyperlinks connects cameras together in the video. To track a target with ICN operators simply need to click areas in the video to change cameras. For example if an operator is tracking a target in real-time and the target moved through a door the user could simply click And follow and is immediately connected to a camera on the other side of the door in order to continue tracking the suspect. This makes tracking targets easier and faster removing the need to switch camera by manually inputting camera id numbers. This interconnection of cameras in real-time video provides greater operator interaction improving response times to incidents especially when multiple operators are monitoring multiple locations remotely as is the case with this government installation.

Cware 2.5D advanced mapping technology (the rendering of 3 dimensional maps into a 2 dimensional interface) enables a virtual duplicate to be made of the monitored location. Map based navigation in 2.5D through the support of interactive scrolling for example on a large campus a single 2.5D rendering can display the entire campus on one screen allowing the operator to simply scroll within the site to pull up the required camera. Real-time video from individual cameras can be embedded into the map allowing operators to benefit from improved locational awareness, easier identification of security threats and planning of security networks and camera locations.

Flexible management and control
Management and control of CCTV surveillance within Cware is designed to be as simple as possible while providing advanced capabilities. Operators monitor multiple cameras in live or replay mode simultaneously, export video footage, view alarms (including those from external systems) and manage the video wall all through Cware. Due to Cware’s distributed client-server architecture, multiple users can securely log onto the system from any location and view live or recorded footage, control cameras and manage alarms.  All user permissions, privileges and capabilities are also held centrally allowing changes to be quickly and efficiently implemented while increasing overall security.
Cware is extremely easy to configure through simple drag and drop user specific views providing a tailored experience for the operator. Video extraction for people such as the police or security services is easy to retrieve can be viewed immediately without impacting on the live system and then can be quickly burnt to removable media such as USB, DVD etc.

Proactive alarm management
Cware constantly monitors 200 IP cameras and encoders across 16 sites for alarm triggers, such as motion detection.  In the event of an alarm trigger, the alarm management and response configuration allows for a variety of notification methods, including automatically sending video alarms to spot monitors or video wall displays for urgent proactive response to the closest rapid response team.  In addition to monitoring motion alarms, Cware also supports system health monitoring by proactively alerting users to events that can affect performance such as loss of connectivity to a server or video feed failure.

Solution Resilience
Resilience was a key requirement for this solution. Surveillance is robust because Cware offers a variety of viewing and management methods including access via a traditional web browser or through Cware itself at each of the 16 locations or the 2 central control rooms. The network is also resilient because the core management, recording and storage network infrastructure is distributed across multiple sites with automated failover, which means that the overall system can sustain substantial failure without loss of the CCTV security system.  In the event of a server or storage outage, the system can automatically switch over to standby hardware that ensures maximum uptime and protection.  All network equipment is protected by UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) that guarantee security is never compromised.

Future proofed
Cware is an open protocol management platform that supports integration with leading video manufacturers and the latest technologies, such as H.264, HD, Megapixel cameras, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Video Analytics, Facial Recognition and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).  Integration with these technologies enables CCTV to be extended to provide an additional level of security for traffic monitoring, parking, and access control applications. Security management is simplified because Cware provides a single interface for management of these external technologies and systems. Network hardware can also be easily supported and added to without the need to rely on single vendor proprietary equipment that is expensive and may become rapidly obsolete.

*Due to the extremely sensitive nature of this project no identifying details can be released about this case study. For confirmation of the exact details concerning this project please contact the UK Country Manager, Mark Harraway. He will be pleased to furnish you with an information pack demonstrating the full scope of the project once you have been identified as a suitable recipient.

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