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Traffic monitoring helps relieve congestion and increase safety

South Dublin County Council now benefits from leading IP CCTV solutions and services provided by Controlware

South Dublin County Council covers 222.74 Square kilometres and serves approximately 247,900 people. It is bounded by the Dublin Mountains to the south and stretches from the River Liffey at Lucan through Palmerstown, Clondalkin, south to Newcastle, Rathcoole, Saggart. It includes Tallaght West, South and Central and stretches east to Templeogue and Rathfarnham. Conscious of the vital importance of an adequate road network to economic and social development, the Council's Roads policy is to bring the road network to a reasonable standard and adequate maintenance/repair in accordance with a planned programme and to provide appropriate traffic management measures to ensure efficient and safe transportation for all road users. To date the council controls over 847km of roads comprising 55km of National Roads, 103km of Regional Roads and 689km of Local roads.

Intelligent roads network One of the goals of South Dublin County Council is to achieve an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) that aims to increase road network efficiency by best use of existing infrastructure, with a central concept of providing timely & accurate information to travelers. To achieve this aim a Traffic Management Centre (TMC) was built where operators benefit from a wealth of technical solutions that deliver real-time traffic monitoring and congestion mapping. From the TMC traffic flow is monitored throughout the region in order to detect faults at a number of key locations in the County.

The TMC provides traffic information from 7am to 7pm.To improve traffic flow the operators in the TMC have access to a continuous stream of traffic-flow data from detection systems throughout the South Dublin County. This includes 50 Dial-up ISDN Cameras, 7 Broadband Cameras, 30 Automatic Number Plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, and access to a further 150 cameras from Dublin City Council. In addition to video surveillance automatic traffic counters and Remote Monitoring Systems send data to the Urban Traffic Management and Control Database (UTMC), which generates statistics and historical transport records.

Improved operations The networked Video Solution from Controlware enables South Dublin County Council to benefit from highquality and LIVE traffic surveillance monitored from the TMC. The initial design for the traffic surveillance solution utilised ISDN video transmission devices connected to JVC and Pelco dome cameras mounted on 12 metre high traffic camera poles at the roadside. Remote surveillance of the traffic was achieved through ISDN dialup connections. Since the traffic surveillance solution is used continuously ISDN dialup (based on a per minute call rate), proved to be expensive so the solution has recently been upgraded to IP video codec’s. By using IP codec’s South Dublin County Council are able to take advantage of ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) connections that reduce transmission costs and enable transmission of greater video bandwidth. This enables operators at the TMC to monitor traffic with better quality video that improves their visibility across the county.

Video over IP forms part of a series of works being undertaken by South Dublin County Council as part of the EU ITISS (Intermodal Traveler Information SystemS) Project. From a technology perspective the success of this solution has paved the way for future deployment of other solutions across South Dublin County Council. LIVE traffic feeds utilising Controlware solutions can be viewed from the South Dublin County Council web-site

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