CCTV systems for Government applications including the military, prisons, emergency services and local government public space surveillance all benefit from increased security.

CCTV security is an essential tool that helps ensure public safety by reducing the threat of crime and anti-social behaviour. The CCTV systems government users depend on must be highly flexible and reliable.

Controlware design advanced CCTV systems to meet the needs of diverse government requirements. Software surveillance solutions based on open standards management platforms enable easy integration with existing cameras and external systems such as building management, access control and ANPR systems. Integration and support for external systems provides a sound basis for coordination of security operations enabling a unified response to incidents from multiple government agencies. 

Controlware government installations include various overt and covert CCTV systems for police forces, military systems, North Lanarkshire Council, Runnymede Borough Council, Ashford and St Peter's NHS Trust, and South Dublin County Council.

If you are planning a new CCTV system or upgrading an existing CCTV network Controlware has a wealth of experience to assist with the design and integration of CCTV systems, Contact Us to find out more.

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