SANYO VCC-HD4000P 4 Megapixel HD CCTV Camera

VCC-HD4000P Features

•    25IPS display of 1080p full HD video
•    Up to 4 megapixels resolution
•    Dual codec for full HD with H.264 / 2288 x 1712 with JPEG
•    No focus adjustment required with built-in 10x AF zoom lens
•    HD image recording on SD memory card or external 2.5" HDD
•    True Day/Night function
•    3 type of power source: 24VAC / 12VDC / PoE


The VCC-HD4000P uses groundbreaking technology to offer improved picture quality, giving vast improvement in image sharpness. The dual streaming of H.264 and JPEG enable high definition recording, (internally or externally) and real time H.264 live monitoring at the same time. Images can be recorded onto SD/SDHC memory card and also to a external hard drive via USB.

These features allied with a 4 million mega pixel progressive scan sensor and 10 x built in optical zoom lens mean crystal clear images are available for a range of applications and situations where it was not previously possible.

Ideal for banking, retail and all remote surveillance applications, the VCC-HDN4000P brings broadcast quality imaging to the CCTV industry.

For full technical specifications download the VCC-HD4000P data sheet.

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