VIP X1600 XF

Bosch security VIP X1600 XF Modular High-performance Video Encoder

• Up to 16 video input channels
• Modular and expandable with hot-swappable video modules
• Choice of modules, including high-performance H.264 encoders
• Direct or network-attached iSCSI RAID

The Bosch VIP X1600 XF is a modular, high-performance CCTV video encoder system. Each VIP X1600 XF is a 4 x 4 unit that accommodates up to four hot-swappable modules, allowing modules to be added or exchanged at any time without interrupting transmission to the existing channels. Encoder modules, each with 4x analogue audio/video inputs, can be mixed and matched within both base systems.


For full technical specifications download the data sheet here.

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