Cware Management Platform

Cware is an advanced CCTV Video Management Software Platform that provides exceptional control of the video surveillance environment.

Monitoring both alarms and live and recorded IP video is effortless through a user friendly elementary interface that can be customised to exact requirements.

Based on open standards cameras, codec's and surveillance equipment from different manufacturers can all be supported in Cware. Furthermore support for Video Analytics platforms from leading developers like Object Video ensures that important events are automatically detected.

From a network perspective, Cware is also highly scalable, benefitting from flexible and cost-effective system architecture that enables Cware to grow with your requirements, easily supporting single or multiple locations and all sizes of installation to thousands of cameras.

Cware delivers greater freedom of choice while reducing costs, improving video surveillance operations with unique tools such as Image Content Navigation and 2.5D mapping. Cware is a powerful software management platform that can integrate with any existing or new CCTV systems, improving CCTV operations and future proofing the system.

Cware Key Benefits

  • Hardware independent
  • Flexible distributed client server architecture
  • Endless scalability
  • Friendly & intuitive user interface with logical channel grouping
  • Comprehensive alarm management
  • Up to X16 fast forward, fast reverse playback speeds
  • Server managed multicast and multi-unicast

Cware add-on Modules include

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