2.5D Mapping

CCTV maps are an important feature of any high quality CCTV management platform.

Cware 2.5D advanced mapping technology enables a virtual duplicate to be made of the monitored location, improving the site perspective while enabling intuitive navigation that delivers faster operator response times to incidents.

Map based navigation in 2.5D with support of zoom in/out is more effective than traditional one-dimensional maps. Real-time video from individual cameras can be embedded into the map allowing operators to benefit from improved locational awareness, easier identification of security threats and planning of security networks and camera locations.

  • Live video embedded into maps instead of camera icons 
  • Video and frame rate quality adjusted to operators required zoom rate level
  • 2.5D maps eliminate geographical navigation complexities
  • Unique alternative to traditional fixed size multi-map tools
  • Practically limitless number of map layers linked together
  • Easier and more effective intuitive navigation using zoom and predefined presets
  • Significant reduction in costs related to dedicated video surveillance personnel

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