Web Client

CCTV surveillance via the internet is highly flexible with Web Client

Cware’s Web Client Module supports remote viewing of all live and recorded video and controls PTZ cameras from anywhere in the world, at different Internet connection speeds. The web client module supports multiple users with remote access authorisation granted by the system administrator. The Web Client allows monitoring of any remote site with simultaneous viewing of up to four live or recorded video channels.

The Web Client's unique transcoding engine is designed to work with any network bandwidth according to the defined importance of the video channel. During channel configuration, a web profile of each channel is defined with frame rate and video resolution.

Key benefits

  • Web Client users view and record only the video channels defined in their profile
  • Recordings can be saved to the remote PC enabling export of video clips  
  •  An image capture feature enables image snapshots of video to be easily exported
  • Web playback with fast forward and reverse up to X4 of the recording speed
  •  Video timeline enables access and review of video located on the network
  • Pre defined channel tours enable continuous viewing of video

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