Network switches are critical components of IP systems. Connecting multiple devices, such as computers, servers, remote wireless points and cameras, a switch enables and manages the communication between connected devices. At Controlware we understand how the right switch technology can improve the efficiency, performance and TCO of a network.

Network Switches

Allied Telesis Network Switches

Allied Telesis have been serving the needs of the network communications industry for over 30 years and are a gold standard in managed and non-managed network switches.

X530L Series

While Allied Telesis have an extensive line-up of products within each of their categories, the outstanding product we choose across many projects is the X530L series from the Enterprise range.

The Allied Telesis x530L Series stackable Layer 3 switches feature high capacity, resiliency and easy management. With both Multi-Gigabit and high port density models, plus Power over Ethernet (PoE), they are the ideal choice for network access applications.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Deployable as an AMF master or as an AMF member switch
  • PoE+ and PoE++ options for connecting and powering endpoints
  • Continuous PoE maximizes endpoint connectivity
  • Active Fiber Monitoring for secure fiber networks
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • EPSRing and G.8032 ERPS for fast-failover resilient ring networks
  • Build a resilient network core or distribution solution with the ability to stack multiple units using VCStack™
  • Extend network reach with distributed backbones that are easy to manage using long-distance stacking
  • Support high-speed Wi-Fi 6 solutions, and network upgrades over legacy cabling, with 2.5G and 5G connectivity (10 port model)
  • Connect and power today’s high-power devices such as high resolution PTZ cameras and enhanced lighting controllers, with up to 90 Watts of PoE++ (10 port model)
  • Dual load-sharing power supplies enable maximum uptime and minimal maintenance (28 and 52 port models)

Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

AMF is an embedded technology native to Allied Telesis switches that delivers real and immediate value to businesses and organisations. AMF is a set of features that automate configuration management and simplify network management. This reduces errors and helps to reduce deployment and management costs.

Vista Manager

Vista Manager provides unified network management and monitoring. Network automation tools ar integrated into a single pane-of-glass monitoring and management platform, with options for any size of network. Three Vista Manager applications are available: Vista Mini for small to medium networks, Vista Manager Network Appliance for medium to large networks, and Vista Manager Ex for enterprise networks.



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