Listening to the customer, and understanding the vertical as well as the application, are fundamental to our success as a supplier and business partner. Delivering the right electronic security solution is what we do.

Extensive Experience in Key Verticals

At Controlware we have extensive experience in major and critical projects including, but not limited to, the verticals listed below. We understand that the requirements are specific not only to the vertical, but can also vary from project to project. Upon understanding what you need to achieve, we can easily demonstrate why our products, solutions and advice will be the right fit for the challenge at hand.


Government & Corrections

From correctional centres through to courts and government sites, we have designed, supplied and oversaw IP video security system installations and delivered the required results for the customer. Whether it is day and night perimeter protection with thermal and/or analytics enabled PTZ cameras, indoor surveillance with vandal proof and cell specialised cameras, or high-definition domes providing real-time inter-office transmission and the highest data protection measures, or using analytics to detect movement, entry or operational statistics, we understand what is important and how to achieve the customer’s objectives within the available budget and time period.


Transport & Logistics

Controlware has been involved with IP video surveillance systems on many of the nation’s most iconic roadways, bridges and tunnels. We have also carried out projects for distribution centres, commuter transportation hubs, ports and storage facilities. While every project required cameras, transcoders, servers, switches, cabling and a vms, it is knowing which equipment is optimal for the particular project that determines the success and on-time completion of projects. What analytics can help the operator and the organisation, how long does the camera system need to last and what environment does it live in, are real-time alarms mission critical, is inventory shrinkage an issue, how can the system improve commuter safety and operations.


Energy & Resources

Energy and resource sites pose numerous security and safety challenges. Security systems needs to deal with preventing vandalism, theft or worst case, a terrorist attack. Security at such sites needs to address intrusion, staff safety, emergency evacuation and in many cases process and equipment management. Ship loaders and mine conveyers may need to be monitored to spot issues before a machine breaks down causing major delays in production. On the other hand, thermal cameras may be used on heavy machinery where operators cannot see well in dusty or conditions. Smart video analytics may be deployed to sound alarms and stop machines when a human is detected in a no-go zone. Whatever the site and challenge, we can help.


Banking & Finance

Just put a good camera in each room and the job is done, right? Wrong. Banks and financial institutions are yet another unique segment where cameras need to be more than a recorder and have to work in synch with other devices, procedures and protocols. Yes, they all need to record 24/7 and the systems need video system and back-up server redundancy, and of course video data encryption plus decentralised and centralised networking, however they may also need to perform special functions such as operational analytics (queue lengths, time spent at the counter, number of people in and out etc.), PTZ camera tours during cash pick up, silent alarms during specified events picked up by a camera, cloud recording and much more.


Industry & Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing applications and needs can vary greatly and may require very technical solutions. If you manufacture and store large quantities of flammable materials you may require a camera system that detects early onset of smoke and fire to alarm long before the smoke reaches the fire sensors. If you convert raw materials, you will need extremely tough and durable cameras to cope with the environmental conditions and have the vms brains to help with safety and operational processes. You may also want cameras to help with the quality of production, for example send alerts when an important criteria is not met during the production process and is picked up by the camera’s analytics or specifically written script.


Education & Training

A fine balance needs to be met on educational campuses between surveillance, safety, aiding in possible emergency responses, and providing management with analytical data to help improve safety and operations. A balance between achieving safety and student privacy is also important. Education organisations may additionally need to think about video technologies that provide gunshot detection, advanced and instant forensic search by specified criteria, object of interest tracking including hand-offs from camera to camera, and vandal proof cameras if within reach. The scale of the IP security network is another critical factor as well as its redundancy needs. No matter the size or the scope of the project, we can advise and help.


Health & Aged Care

In recent time the reliance on hospitals and aged care facilities has increased greatly. An aging population and pandemic have put enormous strains on our health care institutions. Smart video and access systems can help such organisations not only with security measures but also to understand how the public and staff behave during abnormal events and whether there is any scope to improve safety and operations. It is possible these days for cameras to alert you for example if someone has fallen, entered a secure area and is not wearing a nurses or doctors uniform and so on. Recording in order to have footage in case police needs to review an incident is relatively easy. Recording to get meaningful data for decisions is where we come in.


Retail & Leisure

Similar to education and healthcare sites, shopping centres and recreational complexes have the challenge of scale - a sizeable network with hundreds of cameras across the shopping centre, its car parks and external surrounds. Again, recording from hundreds of cameras is relatively easy providing you have the right equipment and capacity. But what about improving the decision-making process for security network operators. Which cameras do they focus on? Will they miss something by trying to observe a dozen screens at once. How does the camera and emergency system react in the case of a serious event. And can the system again provide data for centre management to improve safety and operations? The answer is it should.



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