Video cameras are the eyes of a Video Security System and their quality and performance are critical. In recent years, cameras have increasingly become the brains of a surveillance system, not only providing data, but also interpreting it in real time. Let us show you how effective and cost-efficient smart cameras can be.

Bosch Video Cameras

With Bosch video cameras you are not only getting one of the best solutions for your current needs, you are also getting an investment for the future with onboard technology that secures your data, allows operators to make instant decisions, and businesses to see security as well as operational intelligence insights, faster than ever before. Even more impressive, a growing range of Bosch cameras is IoT native, opening the doors to machine learning, AI, open apps and development, and the power to predict.

Key Reasons Why Bosch Video Cameras Demand Respect

Quality and Reliability – Bosch cameras are known for being well engineered, manufactured and for their capability of getting the job done, no matter the application or environment. Bosch camera “torture” tests are well known in the industry.

Data Security – Every Bosch camera has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip embedded which acts like a safe for critical data, protecting certificates, keys and licenses, against unauthorized access.

Onboard Analytics – Each and every camera comes in-built with a Video Analytics engine as part of the camera cost. On-the edge camera-embedded analytics provide a number of advantages including reduced software costs, reduced central processing and storage costs, as well as real-time analysis and event alarms.

Excellent Image Quality – Bosch is a pioneer of Starlight video technology providing in-focus sharp images where many cameras can only produce greyscale. In addition, excellent Wide Dynamic Response, now even HDR, and colour reproduction provide quality mages no matter the situation.

Intelligent Streaming – Bosch cameras and recording systems use a number of technologies (Intelligent Digital Noise Reduction, Video Content Analytics, Encoding Algorithms), to drastically reduce the bitrate and therefore transmission and recording requirements. Intelligent Streaming provides quality images at a reduced bandwidth and therefore reduced storage requirements and cost.

Wide Range of Cameras Ideal for any Application – From the 3000 through to 4000, 5000 and 6000 ranges, indoor and outdoor, dome, full-body, bullet and PTZ cameras come supplied with Essential Video Analytics. High-performance and specialty cameras of all shapes and sizes in the 7000, 8000 and 9000 ranges, come equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics. The wide camera range with accurate and powerful analytics makes it easy to choose the right camera to the application at hand.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership - Because Bosch cameras stand the test of time, provide excellent performance, come with video analytics on the edge, feature high-end data security measures, reduce bandwidth dramatically while preserving video quality, and have iSCSI initiators, the Total Cost of Ownership for the project averaged over the lifetime of the equipment, often ends up lower than other brands, while providing additional advantages.

Our Favourite Stand Out Performers

MIC PTZ Cameras

Bosch MIC PTZs are ideal for rugged applications, harsh environments, and anywhere smart and long-lasting cameras are required. These cameras are extensively used to monitor roads, tunnels, airports, sea ports, correctional services, mining sites, steelworks, chemical plants and government sensitive sites. There are four cameras in the range, from 1080p to 4K, with optical and digital stabilisation options, 12 and 30 x Zoom variants, up to 550 m of illumination (optional), and of course IK10 and corrosion protection rating. There are three Starlight models and two that feature the specialised Traffic Detector module. All MIC PTZ cameras are supplied with Intelligent Video Analytics. They are available in black, white and grey, feature a windscreen wiper and heated glass panel.



The AUTODOME PTZ family is represented by 13 models across the 4000, 5000 and 7000 camera ranges. AUTODOME moving cameras give the ability to locate, track and zoom-in on objects quickly and easily with high-quality images and performance that can be trusted. With in-ceiling models, wall mount, pole mount, and drop mount options, it is easy to mount a camera on a myriad of situations. The AUTODOME PTZ family includes Starlight, IR, Non-IR, HDR, Essential Analytics and Intelligent Analytics variants. Overall, well-priced, great performing PTZ cameras available for a wide range of applications.



Over 40 FLEXIDOME models span across the 3000 through to 8000 series of cameras. From budget conscious Essential Analytics enables 3000i range, to the 8000i recent ASIAL Camera of the Year Winner, the FLEXIDOME family covers a wide range of applications. From Starlight models to ones with IR or both. From multi-lens domes to 360 Degree Panoramic cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics ideal for retail analytics and room occupancy, through to Indoor and Outdoor domes with 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, 8MP and 12MP resolution, you can be assured the right dome for your project is available.



DINION Full Body Cameras

15 DINION models in full body and bullet variants are available. The DINION family spans across the 6 camera ranges with Essential Video Analytics in the 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 families and Intelligent Video Analytics in the 7000 and 8000 families. The 3000i series bullets stand out for value and performance with 1080p and 5MP resolution, true day-night switching technology for vivid images, 30 metre illumination, two-way audio, tamper detection, fully configurable H.265 multi-streaming and analytics to trigger alerts and quickly retrieve data. The DINION 7100i series is another stand out bullet family with 4K resolution, Intelligent Video Analytics including Traffic Detector, PTZ Intelligent Tracking, Tamper, Video and Audio detection and Camera Trainer machine learning functionality.


DINION 8000 & MIC 9000i Fusion PTZ Thermal Cameras

The DIONION Thermal 8000 is ideal for applications requiring long-range detection and recognition. The camera is designed to combine the benefits of thermal imaging with Intelligent Video Analytics. There is no need for natural or artificial lighting of the area of interest. The camera produces crisp and clear images day and night, even in challenging environments with smoke, dust, haze or fog. The DINION 8000 features a high-sensitivity LWIR (Long wave infrared) sensor module with several lens options (ranging from 7.5 through to 55 mm) available. Long detection range of up to 5850 m is possible.


MIC 9000i Fusion PTZ

... is a ruggedized camera with the dual simultaneous functionality of a high-performance thermal imager and an HD optical imager sitting side-by-side. The camera is designed to provide the highest availability of useable images regardless of lighting conditions in extreme environments (weather, dust/debris/smoke). It’s unique metadata fusion feature provides the ultimate in situation awareness overlaying video analytics over both the thermal and optical images and switching between the two to MIC 9000i Fusion provides exceptional early detection capabilities with object detection of up to 4517 m based on DRI criteria. It’s advanced on-board intelligent video tracking and object detection are fully functional even when camera is on tours.

AVIOTEC Fire Detection Camera

AVIOTEC Starlight 8000 sets new standards in video-based fire detection by combining reliable smoke and flame detection with outstanding speed. The camera uses powerful vide analytics that detect smoke and fire in early stages. It is very robust against false alarms, is ideal to cover large monitoring areas, and provides outstanding performance under low-light conditions. AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is an innovative solution for industry, transportation, energy and utilities as well as logistics and warehouses.




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