Why and where to consider Video Fire Detection?

Accurate video fire and smoke detection in many types of buildings, environments and applications can be a very cost-effective method of protecting lives and assets. Video fire and smoke detection makes use of intelligent video analytics, and in the case of the Bosch AVIOTEC camera, machine learning technology.

Used in the appropriate applications, the AVIOTEC system from Bosch is not only accurate, but can also detect smoke and fire much faster that the time it takes for the smoke to reach sensors high up at the ceiling level. It is also very effective in humid and dusty conditions, an environment in which standard smoke detectors can struggle. Furthermore, the camera can also perform security and occupational tasks at the same time.

Ideal Applications for AVIOTEC Fire and Smoke Detection System

AVIOTEC is ideal for large enclosed or semi-enclosed areas with high ceilings, varying and/or low light, dusty and humid conditions, and changing crowd environments. Depending on the lens, one AVIOTEC camera can detect smoke and fire up to 300m away.

Low-light conditions | Partially-covered spaces


AVIOTEC starlight 8000 sets new standards in video-based fire detection by combining reliable smoke and flame detection with outstanding speed. The camera uses powerful video analytics that detect smoke and fire in early stages. It is very robust against false alarms, is ideal to cover large monitoring areas, and provides outstanding performance under low-light conditions. AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is an innovative solution for industry, transportation, energy and utilities as well as logistics and warehouses.

AVIOTEC Benefits:

  • Detect fires where they start, speeding up reaction times, improving rescue response and minimizing damage at the site.
  • Utilise video surveillance and fire detection from a single product
  • Take advantage of outdoor fire detection close to buildings where practically no other detection technology is available
  • Maximise fire and smoke detection in changing weather and light conditions.
  • More accurate than any other video-based fire detection platform on the market.
  • Worldwide first video-based fire detection system with a certificate by Europe’s biggest institute for occupational safety - VdS
  • Take advantage of being able to cover large monitoring areas
  • Detect fire and smoke in windy areas including tunnels.
  • Ideal as secondary, early detection system or primary system where no fire detection system exists

Use for more than just Fire Detection

In essence the AVIOTEC is an Intelligent Video Analytics camera. Even though it is specialised, the camera can still fulfill other task such as detecting loitering, intrusion, and more. Watch the below video to see how simple analytics rules can provide alerts can provide alerts for access obstruction, loitering in an area, and detecting smoke within seconds of it being visible.

Video: VIOTEC for Warehouse Application - 2-in-1 Camera Solution - Security & Safety


Note that only the supplied lenses (there are two options) are to be used for fire detection purposes. It is recommended that integrators familiarise themselves with training and installations materials. We are also happy to provide advice and information.

Approvals for AVIOTEC as a Fire and Smoke Detection Device

The AVIOTEC camera has been approved for fire and smoke detection by highly respected testing authorities in Australia, Europe and North America. In Australia the CSIRO certificate carries the ActivFire mark.


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