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Controlware Australia is a value-added supplier of IP Video Security and Building Access Control Systems for government and business installations. Our strength lies not only in the quality and fitness of purpose of our products, but also in our understanding of key verticals and deep knowledge of video transmission, recording, and analysis, as well as access control technologies.

Why Controlware

Our key strength is the understanding of electronic security technologies and our customer’s objectives.

Since 1980, Controlware has been developing, implementing and operating sophisticates IT solutions across Europe, including Network Communication, Information Security, Application Delivery and IT Management. Backed by an international company, Controlware Australia expanded on this deep knowledge of IP communications and data security, and for two decades has been a value-added supplier of IP Video System Solutions (CCTV) for critical projects in the Australian corporate and government sectors.

Controlware’s core strengths lie in quality products fir for project goals, as well as our understanding of verticals and IP Video System technologies. Our biggest asset is our know how, which translates to “a quick and seamless” project at your end.

We can supply our customers with complete IP Video Security and Building Access Solutions.

Our reputation precedes us and our customers come back time and time again. Great service, trust, willingness to support our customers as well as good and honest business values are in our DNA. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the exact solution they require from the outset.



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